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158 Mayville Rd. US RT 2

Bethel, Me.




.Showroom & Store.

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Spreader Tree-O



 shipping charges



Spreader Tree-O includes maple, walnut, and  a cherry Perfect Spreader.



hardwood cheese and jam spreaders





















 Handy Stands


A perfect stand for your trays and

cuttingboards, books, tablets,

or your favorite portrait.


Prices Start at $24.95
















Cherry, Curly Maple,

& Birds Eye Maple

Cutting Board




Cutting Boards


Our mixed hardwood Cut N Serve boards are available in many sizes and shapes

or your favorite portrait.

shipping charges

12" X 17"

includes handwritten recipe


Curly Maple, Cherry, and Purple Heart
















 Shaker Jewelry Box

cherry & birdseye maple



 shipping charges



Shaker Oval Boexs by Brent Rourke












Maple Batter Beater



shipping charges


Our curved  batter beaters are made from the same bent wood we use in our chair backs, perfect for whipping up a tasty desert


handmade hardwood batter beaters
























 The Porcelain Garden

"Misty Meadow" Luminaire

(1 available)


 shipping charges


Shaker low back barstools